We meet as a group once a month generally on a weekday evenings.  Our meetings are either at public venues or are hosted by a member at their home.  When events are held at a member’s home, the theme includes food/beer pairings. We partner up on the Facebook event page, one person makes the food and the other one brings the pairing beer (a 6 pack or a bomber bottle). You should bring a taster glass in case the host doesn’t have enough. We have about 3 oz of each different beer (and lots of water) so we can drive home safely and still love beer in the morning.

If this is your first meeting you don’t need to bring anything… just come check us out.

Events are announced and managed from our Facebook group page. We also use the Facebook group page to communicate other events members are attending, new releases and sharing beer related news.

Please track events from the members Facebook Page.